About TVM




1.    Name of company:

Trgovsko radiodifuzno drustvo “ TVM “ Ohrid “ DOOEL “
        (Commercial Broadcasting Company LTD)

Established dd.: 30.07 1992


T.C.”Pazar”, 2 kat

6000 Ohrid


Tel. number:    +389 46 231 400

Fax number:    +389 46 231 400


2.    Background, history and aims of the TV station:

The initial concept for establishing the first private broadcasting company in Ohrid originated at the beginning of 1992 with two enthusiasts, Mihajlo Arnaudov and Georgi Bendoski. This idea,  to  create  a  media information center in  the region of  South-West Macedonia, was  motivated by the wish  to give a stronger impetus  to the democratization process and development of pluralism in Macedonia .

 On 18th January 1993 the first independent television channel in the wider area of Ohrid broadcast its first program from the dilapidated old school building of St. Sava in Ohrid.  The company could use this building for broadcasting after signing a contract, agreeing to its renovation.
 By May 1995 the number of the permanent staff and freelance correspondents was 15, which enabled the company to provide programs for all tastes and ages. The technology is constantly upgrading creating better standards for daily information programs. Currently TVM is the only independent broadcasting company with a daily information service of 60 minutes – news at 5.00p.m.  and  evening news at 10.00p.m. Six journalists, each specializing in a different area, are responsible for the information programs.

 TVM has become an independent medium  with recognizable and respectable status. For the editorial staff  and the employees the previous results have been an incentive for further  for greater achievements. In order to increase audience numbers, in 1999 we had installed an aerial which covers the area of Struga.

 During year 2002 the local TV station “TVM”-Ohrid was the initiator and one of the founders of the legal subject named “FIDO+”, which primary goal was providing quality program as well as regulated author’s wrights for the local TV stations in R Macedonia. Nowadays,   “FIDO +” is integral part of the  “ MREZA+” brand, where 11 best TV local stations of Macedonia are included.

Besides being member of the board of FIDO+, Television TVM is a member of the boards of:
•    APEMM – Association of the private  electronic media of RM
•    ProMAk Media – association that is a part of the Economic Chamber of RM.
•    MIM – Macedonian media institute
With active participation in all these organizations, TelevizijA TVM has made a great contribution for the development of the journalism in the region, as well as in the increasing of the standards of the technical aspects of the TV production (development of the professionalism, independent journalism.)


3.    Editorial policy:

The transparency of TVM is demonstrated through our pluralist attitudes, opinions and questioning into every aspect of life being implemented by being available to different organizations, political parties, associations and individuals. The editorial policy of this company is determined by: independent, objective and accurate informing. There are no other restrictions in TVM editorial policy. The programs are developed from multivarious sources of opinions and perspectives. The basic concept is to make a public contribution to the education of the community , realization and affirmation of peace tolerance, eliminating different socio- psychological influences  –  being against racism, religious or any other discrimination. All these principles are applied in various programs which is evidenced in our everyday news reports. Participation in our programs is from a wide number of representatives of different ethnic groups, educational, social, religious and professional organisations, which are also represented among the employees of TVM.
Most importantly,  our editorial policy affirms democratic processes and important socio-economic and ecological issues. The editorial staff does not feel this only as a need but as an obligation towards the audience which corresponds to the general views found in our global society at the end of this millennium.


4.    Audience / Public aimed at (description/ numbers):

The audience consists of the local multiethnic community of Ohrid and Struga towns and its regional surroundings.  Programming is aimed at all different age and social groups within the community of the Ohrid-Struga region.
Most of them are ethnic Macedonians-65 %  (71.500), than ethnic Albanians – 22% (24.200)  and the rest are other ethnical communities- 13% (14.300).

5.    Further details of the television (range/ geographical area covered):

The valley of region of Ohrid – i.e. the city of Ohrid and surrounding villages,  circling Lake Ohrid up to Albanian border.  Due to the strengthened signal in the North-West area of the region described, the station is now able to cover the town of Struga and its surrounding villages that have optic visibility to the city of Ohrid.
Number of potential viewers within range: Approx. 120.000    

( 65%  Macedonians,  22%  Albanians,  13%  other ethnic communities)

Ohrid 54.750        Struga 37.500        Surrounding villages  24.750

Actual number of viewers reached:  Approx. 95.000

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